RS485 (18AWG) 2-CORES


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Application range

  • Internal wiring for audio, transmission meas urement and control signals with minimum noise
  • For static laying in dry and damp environment

Product features

  • 100% screen coverage, offers optimum protection against external interference at medium and high frequencies
  • Ideal solution where flexibility and a high degree of screening is required
  • Flame retardant in acc. to IEC 60332-1-2

Approvals (Norm references)


  • Multi-wire strands of tinned copper wires
  • PE core insulation
  • Cores twisted together
  • Aluminium foil screening
  • Tinned copper drain wire
  • PVC outer sheath
  • Colour: pebble grey, RAL 7032

Technical data

Core identification code
black, natural
Mutual capacitance
C/C: approx. 45 pF/m (24 AWG)
C/C: approx. 79 pF/m (22 AWG)
C/C: approx. 97 pF/m (18 AWG)
C/C: approx. 45 pF/m (16 AWG)
C/S: approx. 107 pF/m (24 AWG)
C/S: approx. 154 pF/m (22 AWG)
C/S: approx. 145 pF/m (18 AWG)
C/S: approx. 168 pF/m (16 AWG)
Peak operating voltage
300 V (not for power applications)
Specific insulation resistance
> 2 GOhm x km
approx. 0.65 mH/km
Minimum bending radius
10 x cable diameter
Test voltage
1000 V
Temperature range
-30°C to +60°C
Characteristic impedance
65 Ohm


Article numberNumber of pairs and AWG per conductorOuter diameter (mm)Copper index (kg/km)Weight (kg/km)
38045801x2x24 AWG4.85.725.4
38007641x2x22 AWG4.410.329
00330021x2x18 AWG5.620.741
38045811x2x16 AWG6.734.563.5
38049502×20 AWG5.216.235