RFID Access Control Password Keypad 1 Door Rugged Alloy 1000 User

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Key Features

  • Built-in Proximity Card Reader(125KHZ ASK Modulation)
  • Built-in Keypad for PIN Code entry
  • Auxiliary Input & Auxiliary Output
  • Eight Auxiliary Modes including: Door Ajar, Forced Door, Shunt, Door Monitor, Normal/Secure
  • Internal Buzzer
  • Two Status/Programming Interface LED'S
  • Two Modes of Operation : Normal Mode& Secure Mode
  • Three User Levers: Normal User, Secure User & Master User
  • Four Open door mode: 4 digit Pin Code, 4 digit Pin Code & EM Card,4 digit Pin Code & 1.4 digit Pin Code and EM Card & EM Card
  • Code search Feature that helps make maintaining user codes easier.
  • Built-in Case and Back Tamper: Bell, Chime, Siren, Battery Backup, Tamper Output
    features available with IBA Power Supplies.
  • Programmable Siren Time.
  • Programmable Lock Strike Release Time.

Technical Specification

  • Case Material: Alloy, rugged and hardened
  • Electrical Characteristics: Operating Voltage: 12VDC From a Regulated Power Supply
  • Input current: Standby: 40mA Not including attached devices & Max: 130mA Not including attached devices
  • Lock Strike Relay From C, 5A
  • Auxiliary Relay From C, 5A
  • Lock Strike Control Output : Collector Open Output (25mA)
  • Auxiliary Control Output : Collector Open Output (25mA)
  • Support 1000 users

1 x RFIDAccess Control Unit
1 x Installation and Operating Instructions