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New ancient Wo 608 Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Netcom and other communications companies and large bulk purchases. By room administrator and network engineer to praise, the gift of science and technology, a good tool like a duck to water.

Functional advantages:

1 cable line test

The 2 testing cable length breakpoint

3 BNC cable off test

(4) Hunt (USB cable BNC video cable RJ45 cable RJ11 telephone line power cord and other cables) support switches, routers, with weakness turned.

The shopkeeper contrast other market products switch router boot state hunt also obviously did not this such a strong signal effect because the rest of the market and other price hunt can not support the cost-effective than the same price products .

Technical indicators:

Dimensions: main tester 185X105X50MM receiver 218X46X29MM

Power: 9V laminated battery

screen: dedicated large-screen LCD 4X16 character dot matrix (effective viewing area 61.6X25.2MM)

Working ambient temperature: -10 ° ~ +60 °.

Length measurement: calibration accuracy of 3% (+ /-0.5M) (calibration cable> 5 m)

Automatic shutdown delay time: 30 minutes operation, the device is automatically shut down.   

Main features:

single person can carry out cable connectivity test

directly looking 5E 6E telephone line BNC cable USB cable other cable

5E 6E BNC cable telephone line wiring fault can be detected, including open short circuit jumper reverse crosstalk

wiring / connection error positioning

measuring cable length, and determine the open circuit, short-circuit distance

Cable length dynamic calibration function, so that the length of the measurement accuracy of up to 97%

simple and easy-to-use, large-screen display of the test results at a glance

portable, long battery life (standby 50 hours)

automatic delay shutdown and backlit display

whether the plug in the remote identification may be measuring the length and paired

SCM software watchdog design and reliable operation

SL-601 multipurpose network cable test / hunt instrument that the smart mouse's latest has developed a more novel features of cable test and check the line instrument, the device from the main tester, receiver, and remote end identifier is composed of three parts. The new instrument appearance of smooth, feel good and intimate human design. It has to hunt on the line and the line status test three functions, fast and accurate communication lines, integrated wiring, line and weak systems installation, maintenance, engineering and technical personnel, utility, and widely used in the telephone system, computer network and other involved in the field of metal wire lines.