DC 24V 1A Adaptor (UK)


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Product parameters:

Input voltage: AC100-240V 50~60HZ (Global)

Input AC interface: British plug

Output voltage: (DC) 24V1A

Output voltage accuracy ±0.5% (no load)

Power polarity: positive inside and negative outside, inside (+) outside (-)

DC line length: 1 meter

DC interface: 5.5*2.5 can be used 5.5*2.1mm

Another head style: 4.0*1.7mm, 3.5*1.35mm, 2.5*0.7mm

Default interface: 5.5*2.5 compatible universal 5.5*2.1mm

Colour: Black

Wide input range, high voltage accuracy


Applicable: stage lighting development version mobile hard disk switching power supply wireless router surveillance camera ADSL cat, mini-TV, mobile DVD, TV box, wireless audio-visual equipment, charging equipment, MP3/MP4, small table lamp, switch, game console, telephone, color Lamps, cameras, surveillance equipment, controllers and other home/portable devices.


Use cautions:


? Do not exceed the rated input voltage and output current range. Do not short-circuit the output interface (voltage).


? Please pay attention to heat ventilation when using it. When the temperature of the adapter is too high, stop using it and check the reason.


? It is forbidden to use in humid or high temperature environment